Tweaking History: Steampunk and Other Tales of Alternate History

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You know how hindsight allows you to see all the things you should have done differently in your life if you had the chance? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a time machine to go back and fix things – not choose that horrible shade of gown for the prom, not go to it with the dream date who turned into a nightmare? Not marry the guy who turned out NOT to be Prince Charming? Not choose that disastrous stock in your 401K portfolio?

The list goes on, right? How nice then that one doesn’t have to stick with the way history happened when it comes to writing fiction!

And unless you are writing a strict historical, you don’t have to. You can use the historical world as your stage and then tweak what you’d like to create your own alternative view of it all.

Alternative history tales have been around for a number of years in the fantasy world, some even written by historians. Currently the Steampunk version of history altering is in demand whether in the world of romance or that of fantasy.

This workshop will cover what’s needed to readjust the world to your storytelling muse’s delight. We’ll take things out, change the winners in war, the circumstances in discoveries, and borrow and warp whatever we wish whether the end result is Steampunk or something else entirely!

We’ll do it all in 4-weeks, too. Lectures and Challenges (also known as assignments) will be given and issued on Mondays and Wednesday. Feedback and questions and comments will be an ongoing thing.


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