What Sort Of Punk Are You?

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What are you lookin’ at, punk? Is it one of the classics (Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk) or is one of the punk splinters (Stonepunk, Bronzepunk, Candlepunk, Clockpunk, Atomicpunk, Transistorpunk, Spacepunk, Mythpunk, Elfpunk, Mannerspunk, Splatterpunk,) or …well, what? The “punk” world is varied, the only “given” being that the “punk” be included. Not just in the subgenre designation but in the storyline.

Come spend 4 weeks delving into the myriad – or murky, if you prefer – world of alternative histories and future possibilities (or impossibilities) of punk fiction. We’ll even spend some time creating the seeds of your own punk world. In particular, what “punk” incorporates into these subgenres.


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