What the Tweet: Building Relationships with Social Media

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by Jess McQuaid

I often hear from authors that they don’t know anything about social media, and they wouldn’t do it anyway. It’s all about selling, and they just don’t want to push their book on everyone all the time. I’m here to challenge that perception. Social media is not all about promotion. Yes, it’s a great way to get exposure for your latest release, get sign ups for your e-newsletter, and even reach a new audience. But that’s not what social media is all about. It’s about relationships.

In today’s virtual world, honesty is expected, and transparency is assumed. Social media is the tool that provides readers that transparency when it comes to their favorite authors, and as authors, we need to be using that tool to its full advantage. When I say transparency, I don’t mean sending out post after post about your latest book. I’m talking about producing content that allows readers a different look at their favorite storyteller. Sharing information about a funny thing your cat did or how snow rules your life from October to May gives your readers a way to relate to you as a person. This sort of leveling keeps you at the front of their minds and on the tips of their tongues in between books. When authors share personable, relatable experiences through social media, readers are more likely to engage and stay engage to the next book.

Here are three suggestions for producing relatable content:

  • First world problems and family funnies: Everyone debates about which way the toilet paper roll goes on the holder. Post your spin on it. If your hubby or child or fish or gerbil does something funny, mention it. I’ve given my Basset hounds entire personas on social media as my writing partners, Lady Barks-a-lot and Captain Licky. My readers engage most in posts about them and even ask me what they’re up to via social media outlets.
  • Memes and Photos: Everyone loves a meme or a photo, and you can never go wrong with them. With themes like #ThrowbackThursday, where you post a photo from a time long ago, you have endless opportunities to engage your readers. A word of caution: don’t go overboard. Be sure to post more substantial content than just photos and memes. You want a good mixture of content to keep readers engaged.
  • Word Count and Works in Progress: Readers want to know that you’re writing the next book. Daily word counts, daily lines, or even a note saying, “The manuscript is off to my editor” are highly desirable posts. Let your readers know what you’re working on.

That’s just three ways to create relatable social media content to keep your readers engaged between releases without constantly promoting your book. Give your readers a reason to remember you. Whether it’s a new recipe you tried or your word count on a work in progress, show your readers that you’re a person, too. Your readers are more likely to stay engage and further, tell their friends about you, their favorite author who posts hilarious things on social media.


Jess McQuaid always wanted to be a writer.Jess McQuaid- JessieCleverheadshot

Then she found out you had to market your books.

While she went on to write Regency romance as Jessie Clever, Jess McQuaid kept to the practical course and earned her MBA with a concentration in marketing, gaining hands on experience in companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-channel international retailers. She now uses her knowledge and experience to help authors expand their readership and deepen the loyalty of their readers. Learn more at somedayladypublishing.com


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