Word Press for Beginners

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This class will focus on understanding the basic functions of the WordPress backend. It will include: making posts and pages, adding images, copying and pasting from one post or page to another, creating links, connecting your social media links for FaceBook, Twitter, etc., using plugins, widgets, and themes, creating parent and child pages, using menus, and customizing the look and feel of your site. In short, everything you need to set a website or blog and make it uniquely yours. The class will last four weeks.

  •  Navigating the Back End of WordPress


  1. Working      with Themes: Changing the Look of Your Site Through Themes


  1. Customizing the Themes: Changing the Header and Background.


  1. Understanding the Difference Between Posts & Pages: What They Are; How to Use Them


  1. Adding Images & Links


  1. Using Asides to Create Short Posts


  1. Installing Common Plugins: Some Plugins You Must Have, Setting Up FB & Twitter, Links on Your Site


  1. Some Things You Need to Know About Websites

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