World Building and Magic Systems

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Whether you write Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi or any other kind of speculative fiction there are two central things you must have to succeed. Good worldbuilding and believable magic systems. But where do you start?

Come join a Worldbuilding and Magic System class with Bestselling Award Winning Author Rebekah R. Ganiere. Rebekah has taught classes on worldbuilding and magic at RWA, LTUE, AAD and several Comic Cons on the West Coast. Her Fantasy Romance series has won several awards.

Some of the subjects covered in the class will be:

What is Magic?

Classes of Magic

Ways to use magic in a story

Are you a Wizard, a Sorcerer or a Fae?

What is the cost of magic?

What limitations should you put on magic?

How much magic is too much?

Where do you start? (Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism, Alternate history, New Worlds)

What are your species and how do they effect your world (Mythical creatures, paranormal creatures, humans, fae, others)

Politics or Religion, who rules your world?

Hierarchy, wars and alliances

Natural and Man made materials and resources

Magic vs. science



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